Monday, 26 September 2011

Getting Sweaty with Betty - Shopping workout

Sweaty Betty is one of my favourite stores when it comes to gym wear. Not only do they sell really cute clothes for your workout, they are also super friendly. The store near High Street Kensington in London stayed open just for me so that I could take my time to chose between about a trillion of outfit options.

In the end it took less than 30 minutes (including a rather difficult decision making process). I didn't want to keep the poor girls for too long. Real, true power-shopping © ** . 

This is what I got...

The ideal poser top to show off your latest Pilates moves

Double Time Tank with Compression Capri from Sweaty Betty
or if that cute guy caught you staring at his culo again the perfect hiding place.

Double Time Tank with Compression Capri from Sweaty Betty

The tank has two layers, one fitted and figure hugging with a loose cami on top.

The compression pants literally press your legs into shape and apparently help them to recover easier after you've done your exercise. For now I just think they look great.

I never stopped dancing around in my house after I watched Black Swan... I loove the grey top. Its a little longer than the usual top and the rushed detailing is really flattering.

Cami with tights from Sweaty Betty
Also on my radar these really cool fishnet tights/pants that you wear together with a short pant. If you're brave, you can of course wear them without. Please let me know if you do. Love to see the reactions...

Fishnets with short
Shopping gym gear totally energises you. I can only recommend it.  Just in case you ever need a little boost to get you going...

And now enjoy working out in style. 

** power-shopping = invented by my cousin, Ste, is no fuss focused shopping where you're in & out of the shops in less than one hour. fits perfectly into your lunch break or before you go out for dinner.


  1. That's really great...its so hard to find cute workout-wear. Thanks for sharing.

    Stay Beautiful,

  2. Hahaha. I agree with you, Sweaty Betty is great!

    I'm following you now, looking fwd to seeing more!

  3. I'm so in love with your pics doll so fun and loving your shirt is just FABulous.

    PS. Following you back!

    <3 Marina