Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sleep shopping

I couldn’t sleep last night and when this happens – strangely regular and probably as a result of my fashion over stimulated brain I just switch the light back on and continue with what I was doing before - online shopping. I’m totally cool these days. The worst is, so I was told to get all stressed about it. 

I just get myself a nice hot cup of milk and grab my friend, the iphone or better my new friend, the ipad (which I think I only got because with my no laptop in bed rule my eye sight was in danger as a result of staring endless hours at a mini screen while browsing shopstyle.com).

I don't know how you do it but I can't stop. The web absorbs me. I can spend hours finding yet another interesting news piece, trend report, outlet, special offer, sample sale, blog or online shop. Funny enough, I somehow always end up in an online shop. Depending on the severeness of my insomnia this can be fatal. After all I’m only half awake. Totally influenced by my inner shopping devil who seems to think I own a platinum card. 

Some might be afraid of sleep walking I’m really quite worried of sleep shopping and waking up the next morning with the inbox full of order confirmations.

Anyway, let me show you my faboulus finds from last night's stroll through the wonderful wide web. 

I have a thing for hats and this one from Emma Fielden has just the right amount of floppiness for this season.

Emma FIelden at Matches Spy

The hat from Day is floppy extraordinaire - cartwheel size.  That will get you noticed.

Day AW11 at House of Fraser, London


These oxblood skinny leather pants from J Brand are most likely the reason for my increased adrenalin levels and sleepless nights. They are hot hot hot

J Brand skinny leather at Donna Ida, London

And when the birds started to sing I thought they would look great with this jacket from Iro

Iro at Matches Spy, London

They also have a tamed version, cotton-blend bouclé Chanel style that I think works actually better. I just couldn't resist the glitter of the other one.

Iro at Net-a-porter

And finally when the first rays came through my blinds I learned that in New York they now wear the 'mo' around the neck. nice.

In this picture they actually don't but you know what I mean...

Mr DANNIJO a coop between DANNIJO and fellow blogger the manrepeller

A mustache must-have!


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  1. Love your featured pieces, especially the red leather pants and the floppy hat!- Jessica