Friday, 9 September 2011

Fashion Night Out-standing

Just a quick report from last nights FNO in London. It was good fun.

Mayfair was packed with dressed up fashion chicks, waiters offering drinks and canapés, DJs playing and a lot of other entertainment.

Hermes had a camper van thingy with some sort of a bowling game going on. You had to go in one side - ideally clapping your hands while excitedly jumping up and down-  and come out the other with a glow on your face and swinging a small Hermes paper bag. Yes paper.  We never would have given up queuing otherwise.

Dior always up for a bit of bling gave a cab a Dior make-over and parked it right outside their store. I would have liked to be chauffeured home in that.

After a short cruise on New Bond Street, I started off at DvF where you had to watch out to not end up with a stiletto right through your foot from people almost falling over each other to grab one of the Hakkasan canapés. Looks like dieting is out of fashion. At least when it's for free.

We found foot refugee in the photo booth where you could create cute little flipbooks. I loved it! However, producing 7 seconds of flippin' nonsense can be damn long, especially with my co-actor running off after four. 

Come back......!? I tried to cover the hitch with a lot of screaming and pulling silly faces. One of my strong points.

Next up was Matthew Williamson with Monsiour W himself hosting the party.  beautiful boutique. Very colourful, with a jungle installation in the back of the store. You kind of wait for a wild animal to jump out of the palm trees. 

me, the jungle and some heavy shades  (jacket: Zara)
Rrrroaaar - not quite convincing. No?

The only wild animal we saw was Matthew who was begging to get on a photo with us.

me, Matthew and my friend

Ok, only kidding… or maybe not? He followed us to Sketch for the after party. He must have liked that Nicky pinched his bottom while we took the photo. Nicky, you minx.

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  1. Great post! Beautiful photos!-Jessica