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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Velvet an Autumn Essential

It is a fact that with any economic recession a trend for reassurance and robust solidness moves in quickly, it becomes part of our daily life without us even noticing. Who wants to experiment with risky “investments” when uncertainty is the forecast?  “I rather have a tea please!” No wonder during recession times tea mugs are top sellers.

The History

With fashion being the place where art meets psychology, it is therefore no wonder Velvet is on the way back. For a long period velvet was a possession of the rich and royal; a sumptuous, luxurious fabric that gave those who wore it the feeling of comfort, solidness and significance. - King Richard II of England dictated in his will that his body should be clothed in velveto in 1399.

Charcoal Velvet by Paul Smith

There are many theories on where Velvet originated from. But most people agree that it originated somewhere in the Far East, was carried along the legendary Silk Route by Arabs to Europe and the rest is history. Most people also agree that “Men and Velvet” are a good combination... no need to mention film stars sporting it on and off the big screen throughout the times constantly.

The effect on women

My first Velvet was bought 8 years ago because my ex girlfriend (a shoe designer) said: “A man has to have a velvet jacket”, I also noticed a good friend of mine (a fashion buyer for a top end fashion brand) making that sound of pleasure “hmmm” while running her fingers over the jacket while my new girlfriend (a trade finance specialist) got quite excited when she discovered the velvet jacket in my wardrobe.

I dare say velvet is the fabric that goes in and out of trend more often but it is also the one you go to when in need of that “extra oomph”. With most top end fashion brands gambling on it, Velvet is no doubt an Autumn Essential, making it the best “investment” for your wardrobe this season.

What's on offer

With every comeback there’s something new and this time the twist is on the amazing colours and the bold prints over the fabric’s luxurious texture, so here you have a few pieces worth checking out:

Richard James has this amazing deep turquoise jacket which is a breath of fresh air from the traditional dark colours.

Paul Smith is promoting the modern day dandy using navy velvet side pockets and upper lapel on a velvet charcoal jacket.

Wish-list item: McQueen's blazer

Alexander McQueen makes an artistic approach by adding a white mini polka dot paint print over black velvet. – The jacket is incredible; consider the waistcoat as well, it’s amazing!

Also by McQueen a blazer with an all-over deep rich brown check print, feels luxurious and elegant. - consider the trousers as well; whether together as suit or separate they are one of a kind!

Navy Velvet by Joseph

Take a look at Joseph’s navy blazer with patched pockets radiating an understated classy look. The round leather elbow pads adding a touch of countryside rough may sound strange but got to be seen to be understood.

Duchamp in burgundy

Herringbone velvet? Yes that’s it! In a dashing burgundy tint for those who want to impress. This dinner jacket is Duchamp’s look for this season’s essential piece.

The perfect luxurious deep brown, the perfect classic fit, the perfect timeless velvet jacket by Prada is an investment for years to come.

Burberry oozing British coolness

Pale Gun Metal is the name Burberry gave to one of their velvet jackets, referring to its colour and together with the soft stitching around the lapel it transpires alluring unpretentious cool.

Do you want to defy formal evening wear? Geives & Hawkes has the most exquisite black velvet dinner jacket.
Last but not least to get that perfect black velvet jacket with a touch of retro softness and perfect lapel stitching, Armani Collezioni is what you are looking for. Another “investment” into your wardrobe which I am sure you will return to when in need of something special but understated.

Armani Collezione - Investment piece

If like me you don’t like losing the day walking around in and out of shops, all of the above and plenty more “velvet” can be found at Selfridges. Helpful pretty shop assistants can also be found there too.

Article: Joao Q.