Monday, 3 October 2011

Don't burst it - Shopping in the bubble

A friend of mine recently called it ‘the bubble’.

We were talking about Notting Hill and its surreal attractiveness. Living, shopping and eating out in this London Neighbourhood makes you forget that there is another world out there, without beautiful people, endless shopping opportunities and that isn’t the perfect environment to parade around in your chic look 24/7.

But, hey, do we really want to know? Let's embrace the bubble and do what we all do best -  let's go shopping

My latest crush - Wolf & Badger. If you want to invest into a future fashion hottie, long before everyone else knows who they are and where to get them from, don’t miss this place. It has serious style leader alert.

Almost everything has the want stamp on it but two areas got my special attention – men's and jewellery.

Always a good combination.

Wax Seal Ring by Pyrrha

Canadian jewelry designer Pyrra creates rings and necklaces made of ancient wax seals. They come with meaningful little notes to make them the perfect gift for your beau.

Wax Seal necklace by Pyrrha

Classic meets punk in this sharp hoody by London-based Menswear label BREAKS. They use the same manufacturer as Burberry so I was told.

Hoody by BREAKS
These Tees by Piano Necktie are a no brainer. Unique, cool and a snap at £49 (!). They come in decorative boxes. 

Go, get them. Quick!

Boxing Tee by Piano Necktie’s
Going mad for hats?

Hats by Anthony Peto

So, over to me. Enough of you guys.

I totally adore this wrap bracelet. It's studded with Swarovski crystals and gold stars The friendship bracelet style makes me want to wear it every day.

Arm candy by Tomasz Donocik

It also comes in silver. Or why not add these cute double gun necklace?

You cannot always wear pearls...

Wrap Bracelet and Double Gun Necklace, both Thomasz Donocik

Good I just had a mani. Gives that spike ring the environment it deserves

Spike Ring by Maria Black

Last and absolutely not least this statement bracelet by Maria Francesca Pepe. It is perfect as an accessory to a feminine outfit to give you that little edge.

Stud Bracelet by Maria Francesca Pepe



  1. I love the wax seal jewelry. I want one!

    Stay Beautiful,

  2. Great items, love the hats and 'arm candy'. And those wax seal pieces are so unique, I must look around if I can spot them here in Canada.

    Clutching The Bow

  3. i absolutely love your blog. xx