Monday, 26 September 2011

Getting Sweaty with Betty - Shopping workout

Sweaty Betty is one of my favourite stores when it comes to gym wear. Not only do they sell really cute clothes for your workout, they are also super friendly. The store near High Street Kensington in London stayed open just for me so that I could take my time to chose between about a trillion of outfit options.

In the end it took less than 30 minutes (including a rather difficult decision making process). I didn't want to keep the poor girls for too long. Real, true power-shopping © ** . 

This is what I got...

The ideal poser top to show off your latest Pilates moves

Double Time Tank with Compression Capri from Sweaty Betty
or if that cute guy caught you staring at his culo again the perfect hiding place.

Double Time Tank with Compression Capri from Sweaty Betty

The tank has two layers, one fitted and figure hugging with a loose cami on top.

The compression pants literally press your legs into shape and apparently help them to recover easier after you've done your exercise. For now I just think they look great.

I never stopped dancing around in my house after I watched Black Swan... I loove the grey top. Its a little longer than the usual top and the rushed detailing is really flattering.

Cami with tights from Sweaty Betty
Also on my radar these really cool fishnet tights/pants that you wear together with a short pant. If you're brave, you can of course wear them without. Please let me know if you do. Love to see the reactions...

Fishnets with short
Shopping gym gear totally energises you. I can only recommend it.  Just in case you ever need a little boost to get you going...

And now enjoy working out in style. 

** power-shopping = invented by my cousin, Ste, is no fuss focused shopping where you're in & out of the shops in less than one hour. fits perfectly into your lunch break or before you go out for dinner.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

The colours of London Fashion Week SS12 - Yeah-Yeah-Yellow

I really should start paying more attention to what is going on in the rest of the world, outside my post fashion week bubble. I know all details of look 22 on the Theysken catwalk but pay little to no attention to wars, politics and the last financial crises.

This. Has. To. Stop. It's really embarrassing. 

But lets have just one more - last - look at what I spotted at London Fashion week.  And then, I promise, I'm going to watch the news.

It was colours, colours, colours. 

Mark Fast presented a collection full with crochet dresses, fringes and a feast of colours.Prepare yourself for a spring/ summer in canary yellow and fluoro orange in combination with sophisticated sand, black and white. The dresses were screaming summer and will be a faboulus look for the glamouros beach babes amongst us.

Mark Fast at London Fashion Week (photos: TonyTKSmith)

Felder Felder sisters, Annette and Dani stayed stayed true to their rock'n'roll style but incorporated bright orange and aqua into their edgy looks . My favourite was an orange flowy maxi dress with stud detailing. 

Also, next season for the first from Felder Felder - bikinis. I'm so going to rock up at Salinas in that bikini!

Felder Felder at London Fashion Week (photos: Felder Felder)

And another beach look I'm in love with: Paolita presented this super cool bronze coloured bikini for next season.

Looks like I need to book a lot of holidays?!
Sahara Gold Bikini by Paolita
Many other designers picked up on the colour trend and after a stroll through the exhibition all I want is yellow. 

Dresses by Fyodor Golan
Dress by Marc Ross, Design Collective Scotland

Canary yellow, my favourite colour for SS12. Bright, light and positive - just what you need for a perfect summer!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

LFW SS12 - Birds, crystals and horseshoes

Its been 3 seasons now since I first met Swedish jewellery talent, Linnéa at fashion week and she never disappoints. In fact her pieces are mean and stay in your head for days, until - I guess  - you finally give in and go and get them. 

For me it’s the perfect addition to your outfit to give it that little something to stand out.

Like this super cute birdcage necklace….

Birdcage necklace: Renaissance Life (photo: TonyTKSmith)

…. that comes with an integrated ring, bird and the option to set it free.

I absolutely love these rings. They come in four colours and next season also in gold. Don’t wear just one. Pile them on. The more the better.

Adjustable silver ring with crystal glass stoneRenaissance Life, Shirt: Haizhen Wang (photo: TonyTKSmith)

With these lucky charms around your neck only good things are going to happen to you (like you suddenly loose that stupid 'photo face'... that's what I'm hoping for). 

Horseshoe  and heart necklace: Renaissance LifeShirt: Haizhen Wang (photo: TonyTKSmith)

You’ll see, if eight horseshoes look after your happiness it will be a competition of who shines brighter – you or the necklace.

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Sunday, 18 September 2011

London Fashion week SS12 - The finds

Fascinating. After just a few hours at London Fashion Week  You I really need a lot of stuff that you I didn't even know was existing. My old favourites came up with amazing new collections and some promising new kids rocked up on the scene.

The old favourites

Its not that long ago since I met Atalanta Weller at the Convenience Store for the launch of her  AW11 collection and here she wows again. Her  SS12 collection will be equally exciting - and - there will be A LOT of mid heels. Hooray!!! 

London label Clemency presented very feminine looks including these super glam gloves

(That's me wearing a glove and taking a photo. All at the same time.  Try that.)

Yang Du had squirrels, swans and XXL rucksacks, all in her signature pop colours.

Hello, squirrel! don't you dare to hide your nut in my ear.

I love the luxury 20s inspired handbags from George Angelopoulos. Next season there will be these very cute double bags in hand dyed python leather.

Just one of the many beautiful sunglasses at Linda Farrow...

David Longshaw is such a sweet guy and talented on top of it. All of the jewelery is made by his girl friend. Ahhhh...

Loving the colours on this top

The New labels

Cobra society debuted with her first collection in 2011 and showed these folklore style suede boots with a shaft made of Marroccan rugs. Sounds weird? Trust me they look great.

She also these beautiful travel bags made of butter soft calf leather.

LED light up shoes? Joanne Stoker made everyone want to have them.

And suddenly we wish there was a power cut...

Next spring you can dress up your ipad in new comer label botkier who launched a very sophisticated collection of bags and ipad cases at LFW.

I'll be back tomorrow and no doubt there is more to discover.

Good night. Sweet dreams. I know I'll have them - shoes, bags, gloves, dresses - all new, all mine.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Fashion week and the shoe dilemma

Every fashion week it’s the same. I’m facing the dilemma of what shoes to wear. Flats are a big fat no – now it’s the time for statement footwear and skyscraper heels. 

But... the days are endless and you've got to last long. So what is the the perfect fashion week footwear with a kick-ass outfit boost guarantee??

Here's my solution:

1 - Sporty wedges
This year I'm loving the sporty look as seen at D&G.

D&G AW11 channeling the 80s
 with models in high-heel wedge sneakers

Shoes: Ash, Leather shorts: Alice by Temperley, Top: Simona Barbieri, Blazer: Steffen Schraut
I got mine from Ash

2 - Japanese design by Chie Mihara
I recently discovered Japanese shoe designer Chie Mihara. Chie does some magic to her shoes to make them soooo great to wear. 

Shoes: Chie Mihara, leggings: COS
I could go hiking in them. Seriously


3 - Hiking boots
Talking about hiking...These boots got me through last LFW. They are like seven league boots.

Shoes Kurt Geiger

There are similar styles out this season, everywhere.

Swedish Hasbeens at Topshop (left) , Lace-up boot at Kurt Geiger

4 - Tomboy style wedges
My favourite pair for this year and the clear winner, is this pair from Surface to Air. I'm in love.

Shoes: Surface to Air  Surface to Air, Dress: Filippa K

They are perrrfect. Tomboy deluxe. Certainly not the shoe to pull but - hey - its fashion week., who cares about guys?!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Shopping at Haizhen Wang

Before I went to FNO yesterday to hang out with Matthew and get free drinks I met Haizhen Wang for an interview and to experience his collection first hand. By trying it on.

That definitely beats Fashion Night Out. I only left because I thought Haizhen’s  lovely  PR assistant might want to have her lunch break before its time for dinner and not just watch me dress up.

And now you can!

Have a look at some great looks from Haizhen Wang’s AW11 collection.  

Military jacket at Haizhen Wang Boutique
The collection was inspired by military costumes and vintage photographs. 

 Clever details are revealed on closer look

Aye-Aye Captain love this coat

Short military style jacket Haizhen Wang Boutique

Me doing a dance because the coat also comes as a short jacket. Not sure why I though it required that…

The jacket looks great with these silk shirts. They have a leather trim at the collar.

Silk shirt at Haizhen Wang Boutique
The silk shirt that lured me into the shop. I looooove it. Look at the print and the collar.

Its limited. So better be prepared to fight off some sisters.

Dress (wool/silk mix) at Haizhen Wang Boutique

Haizhen signature is fine tailoring and this dress is a masterpiece. It is beautiful.

Its made with steam pressed feathers.

Jersey dress Haizhen Wang Boutique

Admittedly difficult to get in but once you’re in you just want to keep it on and start vogueing. The fabric feels amazing. It’s the perfect party dress to strike a pose.

The famous jacket featured in Chinese Vogue and here on me. Looks great on blonds. Don’t you think?!

And feathers again…

That leaves me with a real dilemma. What shall I buy?? I like everything.

To read the interview with Haizhen Wang click here

Friday, 9 September 2011

Fashion Night Out-standing

Just a quick report from last nights FNO in London. It was good fun.

Mayfair was packed with dressed up fashion chicks, waiters offering drinks and canapés, DJs playing and a lot of other entertainment.

Hermes had a camper van thingy with some sort of a bowling game going on. You had to go in one side - ideally clapping your hands while excitedly jumping up and down-  and come out the other with a glow on your face and swinging a small Hermes paper bag. Yes paper.  We never would have given up queuing otherwise.

Dior always up for a bit of bling gave a cab a Dior make-over and parked it right outside their store. I would have liked to be chauffeured home in that.

After a short cruise on New Bond Street, I started off at DvF where you had to watch out to not end up with a stiletto right through your foot from people almost falling over each other to grab one of the Hakkasan canapés. Looks like dieting is out of fashion. At least when it's for free.

We found foot refugee in the photo booth where you could create cute little flipbooks. I loved it! However, producing 7 seconds of flippin' nonsense can be damn long, especially with my co-actor running off after four. 

Come back......!? I tried to cover the hitch with a lot of screaming and pulling silly faces. One of my strong points.

Next up was Matthew Williamson with Monsiour W himself hosting the party.  beautiful boutique. Very colourful, with a jungle installation in the back of the store. You kind of wait for a wild animal to jump out of the palm trees. 

me, the jungle and some heavy shades  (jacket: Zara)
Rrrroaaar - not quite convincing. No?

The only wild animal we saw was Matthew who was begging to get on a photo with us.

me, Matthew and my friend

Ok, only kidding… or maybe not? He followed us to Sketch for the after party. He must have liked that Nicky pinched his bottom while we took the photo. Nicky, you minx.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sleep shopping

I couldn’t sleep last night and when this happens – strangely regular and probably as a result of my fashion over stimulated brain I just switch the light back on and continue with what I was doing before - online shopping. I’m totally cool these days. The worst is, so I was told to get all stressed about it. 

I just get myself a nice hot cup of milk and grab my friend, the iphone or better my new friend, the ipad (which I think I only got because with my no laptop in bed rule my eye sight was in danger as a result of staring endless hours at a mini screen while browsing

I don't know how you do it but I can't stop. The web absorbs me. I can spend hours finding yet another interesting news piece, trend report, outlet, special offer, sample sale, blog or online shop. Funny enough, I somehow always end up in an online shop. Depending on the severeness of my insomnia this can be fatal. After all I’m only half awake. Totally influenced by my inner shopping devil who seems to think I own a platinum card. 

Some might be afraid of sleep walking I’m really quite worried of sleep shopping and waking up the next morning with the inbox full of order confirmations.

Anyway, let me show you my faboulus finds from last night's stroll through the wonderful wide web. 

I have a thing for hats and this one from Emma Fielden has just the right amount of floppiness for this season.

Emma FIelden at Matches Spy

The hat from Day is floppy extraordinaire - cartwheel size.  That will get you noticed.

Day AW11 at House of Fraser, London


These oxblood skinny leather pants from J Brand are most likely the reason for my increased adrenalin levels and sleepless nights. They are hot hot hot

J Brand skinny leather at Donna Ida, London

And when the birds started to sing I thought they would look great with this jacket from Iro

Iro at Matches Spy, London

They also have a tamed version, cotton-blend bouclé Chanel style that I think works actually better. I just couldn't resist the glitter of the other one.

Iro at Net-a-porter

And finally when the first rays came through my blinds I learned that in New York they now wear the 'mo' around the neck. nice.

In this picture they actually don't but you know what I mean...

Mr DANNIJO a coop between DANNIJO and fellow blogger the manrepeller

A mustache must-have!