Saturday, 29 October 2011

Spied - Kurt Geiger Bracelets

I had to kill some time yesterday while I was waiting for a friend and checked out the new jewellery and hair accessory collection by Kurt Geiger. And it's not bad at all. They've got some really nice pieces ranging from as little as £8 for a hair elastic up to £80 for a chunky necklace.

Nothing is too girly and much to my delight they have a huge selection of bracelets.

I got these two...

Cassie Bracelet (20£) comes in silver and gold

The gold bracelet already had a warm welcome.

They also have these more chunky bracelets in silver with brass coloured stones and blue suede or silver (a little darker toned) with just the stones. Both really cool.

Chunky bracelet (silver, £60) and dark silver (£50)
And if you love arm parties as much as I do you must get these super cute star bracelets.

Star bracelet (£20) and Multi-chain cuff (£40)

As a 24/7 shopper I never miss an opportunity to save money so what a delight that in store there currently is a promotion where you get 1 and the other one 1/2 price. Yessss

And look at the lovely packaging. How can you resist!? I couldn't.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Shopping Spy - Pick of the day

On my shopping list today this lovely XXL cape by Sweaty Betty. It's perfect for beating off autumn chills and those moments when you can't decide weather to still wear your summer jacket or already dig out the winter coat.

And its a snap at £150.

Cape by Sweaty Betty

Thursday, 20 October 2011

I want yellow. I want trainers. I want gold.

Just posted this on Polyvore... Still struggling with their template but really WANTED to put it up there.

What do you think???

Friday, 14 October 2011

Uterqüe - Sounds Scandinavian, is Spanish

Spain never disappoints when it comes to providing us with fashion forward looks and I just came across another brand on the rise – Uterqüe.

Unpronouncable but therefore affordable.

Uterqüe , Zara's more sophisticated older sister is specialised in accessories in high quality materials, fine fabrics and leathers, largely from Italy. Products are produced as a limited series. Sounds promising.

I found some really nice bags that wil jeux up every outfit.

Bowling bag £185

Party bag £79.90

Chanel style messenger bag £79.90

And if you haven't yet found the perfect pair of 70s boots have a look at these.

70s boots £155
Absolutely faboulus are these driver gloves with perforated purple leather detailing. Love them!

Driver gloves £54.90
Back on my radar since D&G's SS12 show - silk foulards. If you don't want to go overboard with patterns you might like this one here with star print that comes in either pink or blue.

Star foulard £44.90
I'm a big fan of pop colours and love this mock-croc belt that either comes in grey or bright yellow. It will give a nice contrast to a one coloured outfit.

Reversible belt £44.90
And now, before the rest of the world finds out about this brand start shopping. NOW.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Russian Seduction - my visit to hot new label Izmaylova

OMG - I'm standing in Izmaylova's showroom. Excited. Hit by an adrenalin rush triggered by Swarovski crystals, fine leather and A LOT of feathers. My photographer is waiting, I'm not a sample size and I just found out most dresses are between size 6 and 8.


Calm down I tell myself, ignore the 50 degrees in the studio, breathe in and pray one of them will fit.

Yessssssss, I manage to get in 3 of my favourite 40 looks.

Photo TonyTKSmith
Photo TonyTKSmith

The fabric feels amazing. The crystals sit powerful like a warrior shield on my shoulders while the silk feels very gentle and feminine.  Not sure if I want to dance or fight. For now I just want to look beautiful.

I can't get enough of those feathers.

Photo TonyTKSmith
Photo TonyTKSmith

The little black dress as Izmaylova interprets it for the night...

and as a sophisticated day dress

I also had a chance to sneak a peak at the SS12 collection with flowy dresses like this.

Photo TonyTKSmith
Photo TonyTKSmith

And the feathers have a come back in white

I absolutely love these dresses. They will wake up your inner Amazon to make you win - hearts, style trophies and admiring looks.

What more to want.

Click here read my interview with Izmaylova 

Monday, 3 October 2011

Don't burst it - Shopping in the bubble

A friend of mine recently called it ‘the bubble’.

We were talking about Notting Hill and its surreal attractiveness. Living, shopping and eating out in this London Neighbourhood makes you forget that there is another world out there, without beautiful people, endless shopping opportunities and that isn’t the perfect environment to parade around in your chic look 24/7.

But, hey, do we really want to know? Let's embrace the bubble and do what we all do best -  let's go shopping

My latest crush - Wolf & Badger. If you want to invest into a future fashion hottie, long before everyone else knows who they are and where to get them from, don’t miss this place. It has serious style leader alert.

Almost everything has the want stamp on it but two areas got my special attention – men's and jewellery.

Always a good combination.

Wax Seal Ring by Pyrrha

Canadian jewelry designer Pyrra creates rings and necklaces made of ancient wax seals. They come with meaningful little notes to make them the perfect gift for your beau.

Wax Seal necklace by Pyrrha

Classic meets punk in this sharp hoody by London-based Menswear label BREAKS. They use the same manufacturer as Burberry so I was told.

Hoody by BREAKS
These Tees by Piano Necktie are a no brainer. Unique, cool and a snap at £49 (!). They come in decorative boxes. 

Go, get them. Quick!

Boxing Tee by Piano Necktie’s
Going mad for hats?

Hats by Anthony Peto

So, over to me. Enough of you guys.

I totally adore this wrap bracelet. It's studded with Swarovski crystals and gold stars The friendship bracelet style makes me want to wear it every day.

Arm candy by Tomasz Donocik

It also comes in silver. Or why not add these cute double gun necklace?

You cannot always wear pearls...

Wrap Bracelet and Double Gun Necklace, both Thomasz Donocik

Good I just had a mani. Gives that spike ring the environment it deserves

Spike Ring by Maria Black

Last and absolutely not least this statement bracelet by Maria Francesca Pepe. It is perfect as an accessory to a feminine outfit to give you that little edge.

Stud Bracelet by Maria Francesca Pepe