About me

After a mid-career crisis two years ago I started scanning my entire being for something I might possibly be talented at.

I’ve done loads and loads of things, but there’s something I have been good at all my life. It’s entertained me when alone, with friends, family, colleagues and even clients. I’ve done it at home, on holiday (some holidays have been totally dedicated to it), on business trips, in many countries and on every continent. I’ve advised on the topic and collected 1,000s of addresses. I’m known for it. It’s more than just a hobby; it’s something I really love – SHOPPING.

That is why I started Shopping Spy. I want to share my passion for shopping - real shopping in an actual shop which results in the happy ending of walking out with a bag in your hand.

Shopping can be a little overwhelming at times, especially when you're exploring a new hunting ground. That is why I'm here to help. I’ve spied out many shops for you so that you can read about them before you go, find them on a map and even create your own tailor-made shopping trips.

And because spying out new shops is so much fun I’ll report about it here on this blog.

Let’s go shopping!

Kristina xoxo