Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Russian Seduction - my visit to hot new label Izmaylova

OMG - I'm standing in Izmaylova's showroom. Excited. Hit by an adrenalin rush triggered by Swarovski crystals, fine leather and A LOT of feathers. My photographer is waiting, I'm not a sample size and I just found out most dresses are between size 6 and 8.


Calm down I tell myself, ignore the 50 degrees in the studio, breathe in and pray one of them will fit.

Yessssssss, I manage to get in 3 of my favourite 40 looks.

Photo TonyTKSmith
Photo TonyTKSmith

The fabric feels amazing. The crystals sit powerful like a warrior shield on my shoulders while the silk feels very gentle and feminine.  Not sure if I want to dance or fight. For now I just want to look beautiful.

I can't get enough of those feathers.

Photo TonyTKSmith
Photo TonyTKSmith

The little black dress as Izmaylova interprets it for the night...

and as a sophisticated day dress

I also had a chance to sneak a peak at the SS12 collection with flowy dresses like this.

Photo TonyTKSmith
Photo TonyTKSmith

And the feathers have a come back in white

I absolutely love these dresses. They will wake up your inner Amazon to make you win - hearts, style trophies and admiring looks.

What more to want.

Click here read my interview with Izmaylova 


  1. Ich finde, die sollen Dich gleich als Model engagieren. Sieht richtig gut aus und ist Dein/mein/unser Stil.
    P.S. Schau auch mal bei Aidan Mattox und Ali Ro vorbei, das habe ich Dir am Sonntag vergessen, zu sagen.
    xoxo, Dein Cousinchen

  2. Geez, I just noticed that your blog is actually in English ;).
    Hence - once again - you look fab. I think they should actually book you to present their collection.

  3. Hi, Kristina! The dresses are amazing!! Love it, very especially.. and you look like a film-star* kisses from Frankfurt, Anette

  4. those dresses are amazing, and the feather/beaded combos remind me something beyonce would wear! fierce


  5. Danke euch beiden.

    Anette, If you love it, then I love it too

    Ste, ja alles in English. Nur, um die Herausforderung noch etwas groesser zu machen :-)