Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Topshop - When Shopping gets personal

Here is my latest article for glam

Sometimes you pick up a flyer, think ‘great’ and do nothing.

I knew about Topshop Personal Shopping, also that it’s a free service but still I let my friends drag me to the Oxford Circus branch on each of their visits, fought for clothes with hundreds of other shoppers on the overcrowded shop floors, queued for the cloakroom, toilets and later at the till and it could have been so different. 

When Preeya, a marketing consultant from London told me about her stylist at Topshop I paid attention. She is a regular and has used the service for over a year. Every Friday, Hayley, her stylist waits for her in the personal shopping suite with a rail full of clothes all in her size, style and pulled for the occasion. Preeya is sold on the service and doesn’t go shopping anywhere else.

Intrigued by what I hear I take a look myself. And I’m not disappointed. Here is the lowdown.

The venue
Oxford Circus offers 8 Personal Shopping Suites and 2 VIP fitting rooms for special events. Some of the rooms interconnect with each other so if you want to come with your whole entourage you just get a bigger space.

The clothes
The rooms will be tailored especially for your appointment. With as little as one hour pre-warning time the personal shopper team swarms out and ‘pulls’ different outfit options for you. This could be a complete wardrobe overhaul in case you have ‘nothing to wear’, an edit of the ‘straight-off-the-catwalk-into-your-wardrobe’ pieces or everything you need to pack for your honeymoon to ensure you look stylish when you sail off into the sunset.

The shopper
To assure you have maximum one on one time with full style attention during your visit, you’ll have your very own personal shopper at your service. There will also be an assistant in case you need anything in a different size, colour or combination. That’s two people just for you.

The time investment
Shopping sessions can last from in & out in 15 minutes for no fuss shopping divas who know what they want, up to 2 hours for a complete wardrobe miracle if you're stuck in a fashion rut or want to work a new look and don't have a clue where to start.

The VIP service
Be assured you’ll feel very well looked after with a stylist team and every look at your finger snip; All of this on comfy lounge seating with refreshments, no queues, and even your own till.

The special events
Your personal shopper’s mission to get to know your style is not just to assure a spot on look, no - how exciting - its aim is also to invite you to special events. This could be anything from Richard Nicoll’s Blushing Bride launch event to pre-ordering the Unique collection before anyone else gets their hands on it. On the actual launch day you just come in, try on your pre-ordered dress and take it home. No stress, no camping over night, no cat fights with hysterical fashionistas, just cool, relaxed guest list style shopping.

The costs
The service is complimentary but be warned if a whole rail of your favourite looks is on offer in your size with a stylist on hand who knows what suits you there's just one way out - get it all.

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