Sunday, 5 February 2012

Shopping heaven at the house of the 3 guys

There is nothing more rewarding than to find a nice new shop after a long walk through the freezing cold. Maison 3 Garcon, a lovechild of the owners of the fashionable Shoreditch bar, Loungelover, dazzles with an eclectic mix of furniture, antiques, vintage fashion, accessories and jewellery. 

Interior designer and Malayan born, Hassan - one of the 3 garcons is responsible for the look of the lifestyle shop and he's done a good job. Even if you ignore the furniture and home accessory part of the shop - admittedly difficult but after all this is a fashion blog - there is a lot that wants to be bought. The fine selection of sparkly vintage tops from the 80s feels like just the warm up to a massive vintage jewellery collection with everything the modern Retro Diva could ask for. 

Like these brooches - hidden away between chairs, mirrors, lamps and vases, pinned down on a massive velvet cushion.

This wall absorbed me for quite a while. Its full of chunky necklaces, statement pendants and clip-on earrings from the 70s and 80s. My favourite was the large owl necklace in gold and white with red eyes. It will give a playful note to every outfit and best of it - its vintage so none else will have the same.

There is so much to discover in this shop that you better bring enough time and leave your husband/boyfriend/lover at home. They will get bored. I promise. Because once yo're done with the necklaces it's just a little turn around and there is a whole lot of super cute bracelets to coo over. 

Below selection is all vintage from the 50s with one bracelet from a German archive and one by Trifari. The Chinese inspired bracelet didn't last long and was snapped up by one lucky girl the minute I took it off. 

The edit of just about everything at Maison Trois Garcon is spot on and has a quick turn around. So you better move fast if you have your eyes on something.

Which leaves me with the question if I should get this unconventional headpiece or not. I admit it's not quite the understated glamour I usually go for. But it would make an entrance...

Love. Piece. Happiness

Your Spy-ness

Images: Naomi Cole

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  1. Wow, looks absolutely breathtaking - I love the crown !