Friday, 10 February 2012


Open-Toe Marni Clogs £160
Shoes are my favourite accessory. The right shoes can catapult your outfit from bland to breathtaking, give you confidence and make your day. Between you and me - when I work from home and I'm feeling down/tired/unmotivated I sometimes pop on my heels and - bang - I'm back to my old self feeling strong, sexy and on top of the world. Is it justifiable to spend your monthly salary on footwear? Yes, but no. From a styling point of view of course but looking at this from a surviving angle maybe better not. After all there must be some money left for an occasional Prosecco...

So what a delight to find Retro Women on Notting Hill Gate selling designer shoes for a friction of the original price.

Metallic courts with block heel - Sergio Rossi £100

The whole length of the shop and the entire back is dedicated to designer shoes. Nicely displayed and lit from behind in floor to ceiling glass cabinets. All our friends are here: Rossi, Zanotti, Miu Miu, Prada, Marni, Louboutin - name your favourite brand and I bet you find it here.

Miu Miu stilettos with neon stripes £170

Guiseppe Zanotti heeled trainers caught mid-air £80

 Only downside is that you've got to find your size. Surely I managed to discover pair after pair after pair

I wasn't allowed to look at the rest of the shop (our parking ticket was about to expire...) but I couldn't ignore this skirt from Issey Miyake. Padded black, perfect for the winter chill and truly a snap at 80 quit.

The Zanotti trainers were super cool but two sizes too small. If I was a size 38 (6) i would go there quick and get them.

Love. Piece. Happiness.

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Images: Naomi Cole

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