Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Longing for sun

If you are fed up like me with this horrible weather outside (cold, grey, drizzle rain) this will bring back the sunshine to your life. Promise.

Paolita Cut out swimsuit in nauti red

Paolita Voyage with its clever figure flattering cut out is so super cute that you could not notice that its currently reduced from £142 to £72. You could, but this is why there's me jumping up and down, waving the sales flag to let you know that its not just reduced - no - you also on top of that get 10% off with the MyShoppingSpy Special Offer.

Now thats a deal.

If you don't like the red there are 4 more colours to chose from. Now make your choice...

Cut out one-piece alternative colours

... and start planning the next holiday!


  1. makes me want to go sunbathing in the Caribbean

  2. Oh that's great! I know the brand. So beautiful! It's a very, very good deal!